Steps Towards a Better Future

The endless war and creeping police state can seem overwhelming and even inevitable. So many things are going so wrong in the world that it can be easy to lapse into feelings of powerlessness. But hang in there. There are things that each of us can do to help. These individual actions might not seem like much at first, but remember: you are not alone.

<1> Educate Yourself

Before there can be a revolution, the people must want one. Before the people will want a revolution, they have to understand the system and its flaws. And before you can teach the people, you need to teach yourself. Deep politics is a difficult labyrinth to navigate. Knowing what information to trust is difficult since the deep state not only controls the mainstream narrative but also promotes disinformation to distract and confuse those who try to look beneath the surface. Approach everything with an agnostic attitude. Don't reject any idea out of hand, but also be wary of latching onto any and every idea which goes against the mainstream narrative or simply reinforces your own ideas about the world.

If you'd like more in-depth writing about 9/11 than Fighting for G.O.D. offers, then I'm happy to recommend Crossing the Rubicon by Michael Ruppert (R.I.P.) and The War on Truth by Nafeez Ahmed. There are other goods books out there, but those are both dense and will give you plenty to chew over. I can mention a few places to avoid as well. Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, and Sorcha Faal all present some factual information about political corruption and black ops, but there is a rather egregious amount of disinformation mixed in as well. Likewise I'd suggest steering clear of anyone who claims that there weren't any actual planes on 9/11, or that The Jews are somehow to blame. I don't expect you to take my word about any of this, but I don't want folks just starting their research to conclude that all alternative narratives are garbage just because a few loudmouths are promoting dodgy information. That's part of the purpose of disinformation after all- to poison the well of knowledge so that passerbys won't want to drink from it at all.

<2> Share What You Know

Now that you're an expert on deep politics, help see to it that quality information gets shared with as many people as possible. Talk with your family and friends and neighbors. Post to online forums, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, the comments section on news sites, and anywhere else online that seems relevant. Call in to radio shows. Make art. Write a book. Create flyers and burn DVDs. Take to the streets to pass them out. Do creative street theater that draws people in. Hold up banners over freeways. Attend rallies. I've devoted two other essays to small-scale educational outreach and large-scale demonstrations and how to make the most of them.

<3> Practice the Six R's

As Catherine Austin Fitts says, "Don't feed the tapeworm!"  The Corporatocracy is a parasite and we need to starve it whenever and wherever we can. Vote with your dollar. Invest in your local economy instead of faceless corporations who have no loyalty except to power and profit. The first "R" is REFUSE! Don't invest in corporations that do evil. Boycott companies with shady products or practices. Take your savings out of the big banks and put it into local credit unions. Think long and hard about whether you really need to buy into the latest tech gizmo or fashion trend. Don't shop on Black Friday. Don't give up your personal information to corporations that are just going to sell it. The second "R" is REDUCE! Because we were born into a psychotic system, sometimes it's really hard to get the things we really do need without giving money or power to someone evil. Just do it as little as you can. The third and fourth "R's" support this concept. They are REUSE! and REPAIR! Find creative ways to keep and maintain what you have so you don't have to give more money and power away. If it's really busted beyond repair, make sure to RECYCLE!, the fifth "R". The Corporatocracy is destroying the planet which is our only home. Let's not help them with that. The last "R" is ROT! Compost old food and weeds to help grow more food for yourself. It's a great way to save money, be healthier, and help the planet. You could even make new friends if you start a community garden. These aren't just feel-good environmental suggestions, they're an important part of learning to depend on yourself and your community instead of corporations and government.

<4> Use the System for All It's Worth

National leaders aren't elected, they're selected, and they're not the ones making the big decisions anyways. That being said, you should still vote in your state and local elections. Legislator and officials tend to be more accountable the accountable when they aren't drastically removed from their actual constituents. It's harder to rig smaller scale elections too, when an actual paper trail exists and recounts are feasible and verifiable. Support third parties on both the national and local levels. Make a list of the phone numbers of everyone who is supposed to represent you from your city council on up to the president. Call them regularly and let them know what you want. Get some friends to do the same.

<5> Donate to Worthy Causes

If you have more money than time and energy, then consider helping others who are out there fighting the good fight.